Anson is an industry leader in laser cutting machine plotters and laser automatic contour plotters.

Anson is an industry leader in laser cutting machine plotters and laser automatic contour plotters.

now we make the opening video of the mini laser engraving machine for all the users.
2023 08 17
this video is shown the laser machine to cutting through the wood.
2023 08 09
Do you know the laser plotter can also use laser cutting in addition to cutting with blade? Do you know the blade can only cut 0.5mm thickness material? Do you know the blaser can cut 5mm thickness material? this is the reason that we add the laser cutting function in this machine. it can better cut thicker material. A machine that allows you to do obtain exceptional value at minimal cost.
2023 08 04
We shown that how to install the desktop laser engraving machine. You can install it as per our teach video.
2023 08 17
we shown this laser plotter on 2023 Vietnam exhibition
2023 08 16
now we shown our white color model cutter plotter to you .
2023 08 09
now we shown you the video of 1730 mm width cutter plotter.
2023 08 09
Do you know this machine? Do you see this machine before? as you know , so many kind of laser engraving machine in the market. it is also have the similar function machine in the market. but we think you also want to know what is the advantage of our machine. now we shown it to you as below: 1. it can easy to install by yourself ,Even you have not any experience on this machine. you can see our install teach video ,then you can finishing it. it has not so many spare parts of one set machine, it is simple few frame. you just tighten it with screws. A lot of cable and small parts of machine, we are hidden them in the fram. so the appearance of the machine is simple and exquisite. 2. the lowest power of laser head is 10w. the enough power can sure the machine to carving and cutting most of material that you want.
2023 09 05
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The laser cutter plotter machine and the laser auto contour plotter that we developed are all industry leaders. We have participated in the Mumbai exhibition in India, Ho Chi Minh exhibition in Vietnam received warm feedback from the local government.
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